February 27, 2017
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February 27, 2017
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A good paving job always starts with a good base. The longevity of the pavement will depend in large part on the stability of the ground beneath it. When paving a new surface, we will assess the native soil and determine a quantity and type of rock to bring in for the base. Depending on the application, this will typically be a rock (aggregate) between 5/8 and 1.5 inch. Pavements that will support a heavy weight load (roadways, trucking facilities) should use a larger aggregate both in the base and in the asphalt material than those for light weight loads (driveways, cart paths, walkways). The sub-base should then be graded for proper drainage and compacted. This is especially important for projects involving removal and replacement of damaged existing asphalt. Asphalt cracking always starts in the base and moves upward.

Once the base is prepared, we will bring in the asphalt material. The pavement thickness should be designed adequately for the appropriate application — heavier and more frequent weight loads demand a thicker asphalt

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