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February 27, 2017
February 27, 2017
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Commercial & Industrial Crack Filling Company

Moisture penetration into asphalt through small cracks is both the most common symptom of asphalt decay and the most easily and cost-effectively remedied. Cracks usually start small, a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. Then, as moisture penetrates through these cracks and gets underneath the asphalt layer, it begins to disturb the subgrade layer and can quickly cause more widespread damage.

Effective crack filling begins with properly cleaning out the cracks of dirt, moss, etc. We use wire brooms, rotating bristle heads and blowers for this purpose. We then use a hot-apply, rubberized crack filler called DuraFil to fill in the exposed cracks. This method is superior to cold-apply products. The material is heated to approximately 400 degrees, poured into the crack, and then torched to ensure a proper bond and surface smoothness. It will then cool and harden inside the crack, preventing moisture penetration.

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